194 College St. Burlington VT / (802)881-0303 / Always Buying / OPENING FEB 2nd 2019


Burlington Records is MOVING TO 194 COLLEGE ST on FEB 2nd! Call us, we are still buying while we move our inventory a block down the road


Always Buying…no appointment needed. Burlington Records is constantly buying records, used cd’s, and SELECT stereo equipment.  We’ve laid out some guidelines below, but there are always exceptions, so feel free to give us a call if you have any questions. Items to be considered for purchase may be brought in during business hours.
We will travel near and far for a collection under certain conditions.  No collection too large or too small!


Records: The 33 RPM (12 inch) records we don’t buy are: classical, Christmas, organ music, polkas, etc….We do buy: rock, jazz, blues, bluegrass, country, punk, soul, R&B, and more contemporary music. Vinyl must be in perfect condition, covers can have some wear and tear.  For the records we consider “commons” we pay 50 cents to 5 dollars each.  For more collectible material, we pay up to 30%-50% of what we think we can sell it for.  We strive to be fair and honest with all transactions.

We do buy 45RPM records (the small record with the big hole). Must be in a paper sleeve or album. Records must be in great condition, sleeve can have some wear. We only buy 78’s if they are early rock, small combo jazz, or blues. No symphonic, orchestral, etc.

CD’S: Jewel Cases and all original art work must be present (no loose CD’s or CD books).  We buy Classic rock, R&B and Jazz.  CD’s must be in perfect condition, no scratches.  We pay $1 per disc that we are interested in.

Stereo Equipment: PLEASE CALL US WITH MAKE AND MODEL # BEFORE BRINGING IN ANY EQUIPMENT, we are very strict in terms of what we look for. Used and vintage stereo equipment including turntables, amps, pre-amps, and speakers. Vintage Receivers ONLY! We do not purchase the standard consumer grade “Black-Face” receivers, higher end current era receivers are fine. All stereo equipment must be in perfect working order. Separate components only. No all-in-one or console systems